Sunday, January 8, 2012


Where's the grape gone Daddy?  It makes you wonder sometimes, but Otto decided the grape he was holding just had to go in Han's brand new speakers requiring surgical precision to remove it.  


This morning we were up early, very early, just Otto and I while we let Han have a bit more sleep.  5am seems to be the hour that this little boy starts the day and even though I grumble and moan the promise of a coffee at the bottom of the stairs help.

Today was Saturday so pancakes was on order to help us lift the mood that near constant rain for the last few days has us in.  This boy is so very addicted to being in the outdoors.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A new year.

I am not normally one for new years resolutions, but this year I am at least going to try and achieve something that I feel really motivated to do.  I have heard it said that it takes 30 days to make or break a habit so I will put that to the test for the month of Jan.

Basically I am joining Gregarious Peach in her 366 project, in hopes that I will document our time here in Indonesia and also become a better photographer in the process.  This will also be a huge year for us, not only will we continue to live her in Jakarta but we will also be welcoming another member to our family in May.  I am hoping to continue photographing these events and putting them here.  I am not making myself promise to write here everyday but at least once a week for now.

Anyway, onto the first of the photos for the new year!


Otto is starting to feel so much more confident in the water and it is brilliant watching him develop in that way.


The last day of my Sister and Fathers visit Otto and I took them to a nearby zoo where you can sit with some of the animals.  Otto loved experiencing this, talking to the Orangutan just as though it could understand everything he said.


Time is flying and with a very active 2 year old it is hard to keep up, but those little butterfly kicks let me know that there is a wonderful new life in there and I am so grateful.


Otto's last few weeks in his cot, ever since he could move he has always slept right up the top of the bed with his head on the rails, I wonder what new habit he will develop in the bed.


Daddy time, Han build them, Otto sends them crashing down!


I have cheated a bit with this one and included 3 photos, they were all so lovely I couldn't choose between them!

Having fun with shaving cream, Otto decided to be a clown.

One thing with Otto and most children I assume is that in built desire to be and make a mess as much as possible.

The noise from upstairs tells me that naptime has ended already for today but I do hope that you all had a wonderful festive season and a great new year.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The last of Australia 2011.

We had a great trip home, there were of course moments of stress and tension as well as laughter and joy, as any expat knows the thrill of the lead up to heading home is almost as good as getting there, and living out of a suitcase with a toddler for 5 weeks sucks!

I look back on these photos now and can't believe how quickly it all went and just how beautiful my home really is.  I now live surrounded by buildings, pollution and very limited green space so it makes me appreciate it all that much more when we get to experience it.

Onto the photos.....

 Do you see what I mean, what child could have cranky periods with this just down the road?

Patting kangaroos for his 2nd birthday in the exact same spot as his 1st birthday, which coincidentally felt just like yesterday.

 Another day another fun outdoor activity, with even more animals to play and harass. 

This one should also be titled, it's my party and I'll spew if I want too, sadly only about 10 min after this was taken Otto ensured everyone made a quick escape from his party, which then started a fun week of no sleep and a very sick child who only just made it better for the plane trip home, possibly not the best way to end our holiday.

But a great holiday it was, we are already planning the next one!

A catch up.

Hi again!  Just when I thought that gastro was over, it came back with a good final kick that lasted for far too long.  Anyway, we are all healthy here again and I thought I might play some catch up.

First of all, the last of the photos from our trip home in September, the whole reason we went home was to attend a wedding of our really good friends, it was a cold affair, I don't think I have ever been to a wedding in a vineyard where more coffee and hot chocolate was drunk than wine!

We all left our children at home and caught up properly for the first time in ages, it was a blissful few days, cups of tea in bed, wine tasting, chocolate tasting and sleep in's.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And we are back.....

Well that was a bit of an unexpected break, 3 weeks without internet at the end of our holiday coupled with jet lag and a run in with our old friend gastro I have been slow to come back to this space, but hopefully the last of the gastro has left our house today and we will be back in fine spirit over the next few days.

So much to catch up on.

Back soon......

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Roxy is our lovely dog, she was our first baby and even though she has had less attention over the last few years since Otto was born we miss her each day while we are in Jakarta.  Not sure that she misses us as much though thanks to all the attention from her minder.

We were lucky to be able to pick her up for some time together and we all loved it, so much so that Roxy has started to search for us throughout the day when she is alone.