Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The last of Australia 2011.

We had a great trip home, there were of course moments of stress and tension as well as laughter and joy, as any expat knows the thrill of the lead up to heading home is almost as good as getting there, and living out of a suitcase with a toddler for 5 weeks sucks!

I look back on these photos now and can't believe how quickly it all went and just how beautiful my home really is.  I now live surrounded by buildings, pollution and very limited green space so it makes me appreciate it all that much more when we get to experience it.

Onto the photos.....

 Do you see what I mean, what child could have cranky periods with this just down the road?

Patting kangaroos for his 2nd birthday in the exact same spot as his 1st birthday, which coincidentally felt just like yesterday.

 Another day another fun outdoor activity, with even more animals to play and harass. 

This one should also be titled, it's my party and I'll spew if I want too, sadly only about 10 min after this was taken Otto ensured everyone made a quick escape from his party, which then started a fun week of no sleep and a very sick child who only just made it better for the plane trip home, possibly not the best way to end our holiday.

But a great holiday it was, we are already planning the next one!

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