Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day!

Happy Mother's day! I had a great day, we started with the walking the 8KM Mother's Day Classic raising funds for breast cancer. We went a bit slower this year due to nappy changes and feeding of O but it was great to have a break with him watching the Brisbane river, and he loved watching all the people overtake us!

We came back home for brunch with my mum and sister which was lovely, nothing beats a slow meal not cooked by you, accompanied by champagne!

The three of us then spent the rest of the afternoon, on a picnic rug having antipasto, O discovering the world around him.

I walked past this wonderful store called Nanny Pickle at the shops during the week and saw this shirt that I just couldn't pass up! O has started to kiss/slobber over the other babies at mum's group so it seemed quite fitting.

This photo is enough to fill a Mummy's heart to bursting, my two favourite boys enjoying a moment together.
I hope all the wonderful Mummy's out there had a lovely day too.

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  1. Happy mothers day! I love the photo's, (especially the b/w one of the three of you) and his cute shirt!