Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A new first.......

So I know this won't be the last, but it was the first that broke this Mamma's heart. O fell onto the edge of the shower this morning and skinned his nose, maybe even a black eye. He cried for only a short time, but my heart breaks every time I look at his little face today.

Hopefully they get easier the more it happens.


  1. I can't say that it does get easier, just more frequent. In this last week James has scratched himself open, fell in the park and has a bruise and graze in the middle of his forehead, and 2 days ago I picked up a plastic box to pack his trainset away and he was standing right behind me as I swung the box round and I hit him straight in the mouth with it, so now he has a busted bleeding lip as well.

  2. Oh no poor James, I hope it all clears up for him soon.

  3. Oh sweet O. I agree, I don't think it gets easier for us, but the kids just keep on truckin'! x