Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remember when......

I am lusting after a digital SLR but with the renovations to the house that we are planning I just can't get our budget to stretch that far, and our current camera takes fairly decent photos. Of course this doesn't stop me from drooling whenever I pass by a camera shop.

This week for you capture the theme is yellow, I know, yellow, what the hell? I was after inspiration when an idea struck, why not bring out the old film SLR and see what happens.

I was hoping for a glowing post all about how brilliant it was to be reunited with this old friend but after picking up the pictures today (how old school is that) I was disappointed. I had forgotten how flash happy it was, and most of the pictures had the flash go off without me even realising. I have a couple of good shots that I am happy with, including a photo of the flower below. I think I will give a few more rolls of film a go before I put it back under the bed.

It was nice to hear that familiar old click and roll of the film after taking a picture, and the suspense of having to take a whole roll of film then to the shops before seeing your handiwork was a definite test of my patience. In this fast paced world it was nice to be reminded of a time when we didn't get everything we wanted whenever we wanted it.

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  1. I can't imagine having to wait and see how my pictres turned out! I think I would go crazy!