Saturday, May 22, 2010


I started to do the monthly photos to document the incredible journey that a child undertakes in the first year. While I do find it exciting to see how much he grows it also reminds me just how quickly this little boy has gone from a helpless newborn to an 8 month old crawling, cruising along furniture, independent, boy.

This month he has really come into his own mobility wise and I struggle to keep things out of his reach when he can reach new things daily! He now wants to feed himself but luckily will still let us feed him sometimes so he gets enough food for all the energy he burns!

Oh and there is a new noise La la la la at the top of his voice, I can only imagine the people at coles cringe when they see us coming to do the weekly grocery shop, between squealing and la la la he certainly makes our presence known. Mama and Dada musn't be too far behind which is kind of exciting.

Oh, and this is how alot of my photoshoots are these days, the paper is just to exciting to sit still in front of!

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