Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of 'those' weeks.

Things have been a bit quiet on the bogging front this week as it has been one of those weeks for us.  Catnapping baby is back, as well as work and Han being out a few nights meant that I have just been too tired to think!  Some days I remember fondly what it was like to just walk out the door whenever and to wherever I felt like, don't get me wrong I wouldn't give Otto up for the world, but sometimes this gig just is hard.  Hopefully Otto remembers what sleep is again this week and we all get a bit of a break.

Because of such a crappy week we didn't actually do anything exciting, today however we headed to another walking park near us to take the dog for a good run.  I used to run cross country through here when I was at school and I am looking forward to taking Otto around and showing him lots of different paths when he is a bit older and can walk.
It always reminds me of an enchanted forest, lots of little streams and big old trees with long roots, I wonder what wonderful imaginings Otto will dream up for here one day.

If you can spot the crazy running dog well done!  Roxy didn't stop the whole time we were there and came home stinking of stagnant pond water but absolutely exhausted.
We also came across some horses which Otto loved, they weren't too concerned by Roxy jumping around like a lunatic either and even let him pat them which was lovely, we will have to remember an apple for them in the future.
We went shopping earlier in the week during the end of financial year sales and I found the cute tracksuit onsie for Otto, seriously how comfy does a onsie made out of tracksuit sound!

I hope everyone has a great week, we are looking forward to the public holiday tomorrow.


  1. I would seriously like one of those onsies myself (he he) and that park look magical, definately a place to create stories and dream of enchanted things!
    I like to keep the saying "this to will pass" in my head when my munchkin goes through stages that are less than harmonious. It is great that you got out for an adventure, I'm sure some rest will come your way soon :)