Monday, June 21, 2010

Party like it's 1999

On Saturday night Han and I got all dressed up and went out to party with our friends, celebrating a wonderful engagement.  Otto was at home with my mum, I had a new frock, really life couldn't get any better!

We had a great time, for the first time in about 18months I felt footloose and free, able to really let my hair down and get my groove on.  I simply can't explain how great it was for us.  I may have had sore feet the next day but boy am I looking forward to the wedding.  I think however the best part of the night came during the bridal party speeches, nothing like dropping "going down" and the f-bomb in front of the catholic priest that is going to marry them, he looked pretty old, fingers crossed he was deaf.  Either that or marriage preparation classes are about to become mandatory for them!

Han and I.
Our good friends with their SIX day old baby, how awesome are they to make an appearance, and yes, we can all hate her a bit for her post baby figure, but only a little, she was terribly sick for 30 of her 40 weeks of pregnancy.
They boys, all these men went to Uni together and have stayed close friends.
The gorgeous couple!

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