Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love this city.

So I have been a bit absent lately as Han and I were preparing to move to Rockhampton in Central QLD, luckily for us that plan has fallen through and we get to stay here.  I wasn't overly worried about a move to "Rocky" but we have such a nice group of people here and Otto and I do some wonderful activities during the week that it would have been sad to give them up.

In celebration we headed to a new park close to us that I have heard is wonderful for young toddlers, and it certainly didn't disappoint.  We are so blessed in Brisbane to have access to some wonderful parks right on our doorstep.  We visited Dorrington Park in Ashgrove.

 They had these awesome wheels that spin and make the noise of a common animal, Otto loved the one that sounded like a koala.
 Yep, give him a park and he will play with the water bubbler.

 A giant frog located right next to the magic toadstools that tell a story when you press a button!

 Fun on the swings.

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