Friday, November 26, 2010

While you were sleeping.

Lately while Otto has been napping I have been preparing for the move to Rockhampton that is no longer happening, so often he would wake up and find whole rooms moved around and things missing.  I often wonder what he thought when he would look around and wonder where on earth everything was!

We did a huge clear out and sold a lot of our dated and mismatched furniture, due to budget constraints the furniture we have since acquired has also been second hand or from IKEA but I am so happy with how it is looking.

Today, Otto went to sleep and when he wakes up, a new dining room table awaits.  I am so excited about this purchase, our tiny dining room table has been with us from our first rented apartment together and hasn't suited us for years, especially as Otto could move it all around the dining and living room, making an awful noise.
Our living room when he went to sleep.  (I wish I had taken a photo of what it all looked like before we started clearing the furniture out.)

 Our old dining room set up and dining room table.

Our new dining room set up, sure we don't have as much space but it looks so much better, and even matches Otto's little table and chairs.
The banner in the background says Merry Christmas, I am slowly getting Christmas stuff organised.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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