Monday, January 24, 2011


Wow, I never intended to take such a long break from this blog during the flooding, but it just happened, my energy was needed elsewhere at the time and in the days following supporting those that had been affected.

All my family were high and dry, but sadly a few of my friends were not so fortunate, two in particular have been devastated by the damage to their homes, belongings and lives, it will take years for them to rebuild from the disaster.

For now, all the physical work has been done for them and only the emotional rebuilding remains until work on their houses commences.  Words can't even express the extreme sadness and loss that they and others have gone through.

We are fortunate though to live in the 'lucky country' and there has been a huge amount of support given to those affected both from the government and complete strangers.

I hope to see you around here a bit more again from now on!


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  1. You are very true, we do live in the lucky country, and are quite frankly blessed to do so....
    Love the pic!!