Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last night I went to sleep knowing that they eye of the storm missed by best friend and her family, I knew they were safe, I also knew that they were getting winds of 170km/hr at her house, as you can imagine, we didn't have a lot of sleep waiting to hear what the morning would bring.

Happily, it only bought a few trees down and loss of power, I think I finally could breathe again.  Now Queensland, which has really seen enough of bad weather will pull together to help another community pick up the pieces.

Amazing this spirit of ours.

The small rain that we had from the cyclone did make for some fun spider web picture taking this morning though.
I always find water drops on spider webs look amazing.

 Creepy spider, but he is doing a good job keeping our insects down!  That blue sky today was amazing.

 And of course, the gorgeous little boy doing what he does best, explore!
Sadly today I realised that he ended up with my chubby knees and 'thick' thighs, poor little mite, at least he got his Dad's lovely olive skin!

Posting will be a bit quiet probably (like it already hasn't been!).  Han and I are off to enjoy our first toddler free weekend in Sydney for a wedding, two nights to ourselves!


  1. Ooh, enjoy Sydney!!! It's my stomping ground. Enjoy your couple time, you deserve it!!

  2. So glad to hear your friends are safe - very scary!
    Love the spiderweb pics and the ones of your little adventurous guy! Have an amazing weekend!!

  3. Those web photos are beautiful though the spider ruined it for me. Glad your friends are safe and have a lovely weekend!