Friday, May 6, 2011


Or really, in this case, cranky monkey.

One of the first things we saw when we started walking was the huge amount of dog walkers there are, some of them managing up to 10 very uncompliant dogs each.  I was suitably impressed, at home I sometimes struggled with one relatively well trained dog on my own.

I was about to be more surprised and then dismayed when I saw a man charged with the task of walking a monkey.  I couldn't believe it, was this normal?  I hadn't been in Jakarta for long enough to know, and since that day I hadn't seen it again, until this morning.  Worse than seeing it be walked, was seeing it locked in a cage in the full sun.  I tried to get close to it, but it got very upset and started shaking the cage, so I snapped a photo in the hopes that I would be able to determine what kind of monkey it is.

It isn't easy to see what type it is from the picture but I have narrowed it down, so tomorrow I will go and check out the particular markings and see if I can make a match.  I also looked into the laws surrounding keeping monkeys as pets in Indonesia, and as long as the owner has a license it should be ok.  Sad though that this man thought it would be better to lock up a monkey by his front gate then just keep a dog roaming around.

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