Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The jungle.

Otto and I went away to visit some friends, that are really like family, in the jungle of Kalimantan.  Min and I have known each other since we both started dating our husbands around the same time.  Our husbands have known each other since they were 12, so we have some pretty strong ties, only strengthened by the fact that we now live in this crazy country together, me in the city and Min in the jungle.  Polar opposites really in the accommodation sense, something we are both grateful for.

After a week of no traffic, pollution, Mosques at 4:30am we arrived in Jakarta right on time for the midday prayer session during the first week of Ramadan.......que traffic hell.  Sadly that was topped later in the day when Otto and I ran out quickly to get some supplies to get us through dinner.  We spent the better part of an hour and a half stuck in a Bajaj trying not to breathe in the fumes of hundreds of motorbikes around us.

Welcome back to the concrete jungle.

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