Monday, May 31, 2010

Day one!

Well tonight is the first night of a new routine/rhythm that I am putting into place at home. Previously Otto wouldn't have dinner at the same time as us, eating at 5pm just seemed a bit too early and in the beginning stages of starting solids it took all our concentration to feed him. These days though I have started feeling a bit time poor cooking two main meals a night as well as alot of the clean up, so starting today we are all eating at the same time of around 5:30.

Tonight went well, I was 15 min late which I don't think is too bad for a first go, especially as we were visiting a friend until 5pm and while Otto has alot more food in his hair than usual we got to sit down as a family around the table. It was lovely, a few things have had to change during the day to facilitate it so fingers crossed it goes as well tomorrow.

I am also thinking of a new rule that mobile phones get turned off before dinner until the next morning, sometimes while technology is great it really hinders feeling like a family unit when text messages and phone calls can come through at any time.

How does your family handle dinner time?


  1. We generally all eat at around 4.30-5pm and then I give supper just before bed. Normally cheese and apple slices or more dinner. An early dinner works well for us, by 6pm the kids are falling apart because they're hungry.

  2. Good to know I am not the only one eating at the same time as my grandparents!

  3. I sure like ur Mobile off rule. been thinking of doing that since a long time, but my hubby keeps getting official calls that it gets impossible!