Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just had a lovely visit today from a friend and her baby girl who was born only 4 days after Otto.  We went to high school together and have reconnected after finding out we were both pregnant at the same time, isn't life a funny thing, always bringing people in and out of your life.

It was great to see the babies really blooming and forming into such amazing little people, I didn't get any photos of the visit we were both too busy keeping the babies out of trouble while trying to eat our lunch.

Speaking of lunch, now that Otto is taking less breast milk I have noticed that I have started to put on a bit of weight, I really let my diet go while I have been breastfeeding, thinking that I was burning up all those calories but now it is time to be more mindful of only putting good food into my body again.  Never fear, this isn't about to become a regular post about weight loss because I am pretty happy where I am but I have that need to feel a bit more healthy so my lunches have had a healthy update, out with the reheated meals and back in with the salads.  I thought the change would be really hard but I have loved eating a salad each day, especially as I now eat at the same time as Otto, watching him try to eat a curly lettuce leaf is more than a little amusing!

Eventually I will cut out the bread too, but on these cold winter days I really feel like something a bit heavier.

Otto on the other hand can't seem to get enough food, I found someone raiding the pantry this morning, he had managed to get into an already open packet of rusks and chomp away on it while playing with his spoils, smart boy this one, he was pretty close to reaching the chocolate!

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