Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday inspiration - The face of birth.

I recently found out about this documentary from this fabulous blogger Che and Fidel, if you get a moment, go and check out her blog.

The discussion of birth in Australia is a hot one at the moment, they are trying to make home birth illegal and to be honest, it absolutely blows my mind.  We are a wealthy, highly educated country that seems to have been scared by a few politicians and some bad stories.  Do people think that hospital birth always runs smoothly and never results in adverse outcomes?  That being said, I decided on a hospital birth for our first son Otto (my birth story is here), Han and I discussed it and both decided that for our first child we would like to go the route of private hospital and obstetrician.  I moved back to Australia already into my second trimester and finding a doctor that held the same values as me and had an opening to accept a new mum to be in the busiest birthing time was a challenge but we did it.

I have no regrets with our choices, the hospital was wonderful, the midwife really got behind my birth plan after the initial judgement that I wouldn't be able to do it and our son was born healthy.  We did end up with interventions but we were 100% aware of what we were doing and in control of the situation, after the birth I was told that all the midwives were cheering us on at the nurses desk and were so happy to see a drug (pain relief) free birth.  There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to do it without the help of my midwife, the doctor did exactly as I thought he would, came in at the end to deliver, but stayed away during the process of labour.  Han and I are not sure what direction we would take next time, whether home birth, midwife led center or back to the hospital, but the point is that I want the CHOICE!

I am really looking forward to when this documentary is released, in the meantime you can always follow them on facebook.

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