Saturday, June 5, 2010


Whenever they are on, my mother, Otto and I head to the markets early on a Saturday morning in our area.  I love walking in the main entrance and smelling the beautiful coffee and seeing all the locally grown produce.  We have been going for a while now and the stall holders that we see each time are getting to know Otto, he always gets treats from each stall, a bit of mandarin or banana and they get rewarded with a big gummy smile!

Today we decided to let him have a strawberry for the first time seeing as they are coming into season, and just like his mumma, he loves them!

He nommed away on that strawberry until it was all gone.

There is also a great little park there, so while mum and I have a coffee and something to eat, Otto explores and watches the other children playing.  Not a bad way to start the weekend at all, hope you all have a great Saturday.
Mum and Otto.

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