Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So Otto and I are finally back to our Montessori playgroup, we missed last term as more often then not, Otto slept through both session times, and there was no way I was messing with any of the sleep that he manages to have.

This term however we are good to go, we don't last the whole two hours but even an hour spent there is amazing.  Things have definitely changed, when we were last there, Otto was only just starting to crawl properly, mostly commando crawling still, this time he was all over the place, such a busy little baby, that I think both of us came away exhausted!

I am so looking forward to our Montessori playgroup from now on, it is always so lovely to listen to the wisdom of those around us when it comes to our babies, our group leader is still the same teacher from when Han went there as a child and it is wonderful to hear the stories she has of Han from that time.

Anyway, off to work tonight, fingers crossed for a good shift!

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