Sunday, July 18, 2010

The post where I gush a bit.

So Han and I have been waiting for Otto's first word for a while now.  A few months ago we thought he had it, Otto looked at Han and said "Dada", but sadly for Han that was the first and last time he said it, so while it was such a lovely moment, we aren't sure that it was his first real word.

However, over the last few weeks Otto has really been working up to saying Mum, Mumma, Ma, he kept saying them but not really with any kind of meaning.  That has all changed this weekend, and we officially have the first word.  Mumma!  There is nothing that has made my heart burst more than to hear Otto say Mumma and look for me then give me a gorgeous smile.  How is it, that such a small moment makes all the hard times just melt away.

Otto also decided to stand on his own twice over the last few days, he is changing so much lately it is hard to keep up!  The weather has been lovely this weekend, so a few trips to the park were definitely in order.

I hope the nice weather continues over the next few weeks, and we get out to enjoy it a bit more.  Bring on the new week!


  1. Oh wow, how exciting! Isn't it amazing how quickly they change. He is such a cutie :)