Saturday, July 31, 2010


So it is that time again, the Wallabies (Australia) play the All Blacks (New Zealand) in the Rugby.  Han had bought Otto a Wallabies onesie within a week of being born, but we thought it was too big for this season.  We were challenged to try it on though after an early morning text from a friend of ours dressing her son in an All Blacks onesie.

Considering Clayton is only just 4 months and weighs about the same as Otto we aren't about to ask for a scrum challenge, but a photo opportunity over a late afternoon glass of wine was a must.  It is darn hard though to stop Otto from patting (smacking) Clayton for long enough to get a photo but they do look pretty cute together.  Fingers crossed the Wallabies win and teach her a lesson.

Oh and just because, here are the boys all ready to cheer.
Otto is all tucked up in bed so we will hopefully have good news to share with him in the morning.

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