Friday, July 30, 2010


Oh how I am loving this Friday night, not only am I not working, but our new patio was built today and I have plans to enjoy a great glass of wine with my husband underneath it tonight for dinner.  I will post photos of it tomorrow, but for now I am just going to marvel at the wonder of a patio in a day!

Our day started with the most incredible fog, planes were delayed, the roads were a bit crazy, and our walk was very interesting.  Roxy gets let off the lead for a little bit of it and keeping track of her through the fog was a bit of a difficult task.
In celebration of Friday and patios, my friend Bec and I decided to take Otto out for afternoon tea, and boy did we find one damn good afternoon tea.  Please be introduced to the most decadent desert I have had for a long time!
I can't even remember the name of it, but when the waitress started to tell us what it was she had us a chocolate affogato brownie!  Lets just say, it was a mix of hot and cold, crunchy and smooth and everything that is right with deserts, and lovely Friday afternoons.

Meanwhile, Han thinks the outfit from today on Otto was a form of child fashion abuse.  In my defense it did get unseasonably hot, and I sort of mismatched the outfits to suit the weather, anyway, isn't 80's fashion coming back in?  Who says skivvies, shorts, protruding gut and long socks isn't what all the fashionable babies are wearing!
Enjoy the weekend!

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