Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have so much to say, but we are a bit tired here at the moment, so instead a few photos from today and off to bed.

Otto sat himself down in the little chair at Montessori today, he looked so grown up that my heart skipped a beat!  He was so adventurous, following the cycle 1 (3-6yr olds) around, wherever they were you could be sure that Otto wasn't too far behind!

Does anyone else have a car full of random bits and pieces?  Otto seems to always pick up something as we head to the door, today an afro comb, yesterday it was a bit from his baby gate.  I just need to remember to empty it out every now and then or else I will have half the house in the back seat!

Bring on the weekend!

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  1. Yes we have a car full of "stuff", it is amazing what ends up in the car!
    The Montessori schooling looks so great, I wish we had access to one nearby!