Friday, August 20, 2010

Renovation update.

So the house is finally free from tradespeople and my life is starting to get back to normal, I can sit back and appreciate just how great all our efforts are looking.
To be honest, instead of just showing what we recently completed I want to start at the beginning, way back in 2007 when we first bought this house.  

The house was in need of major work, I hated it from the get go, but we bought it off Han's mother for many and varied reasons so we had to make do with what we had.  The first thing to go was the terrible patio brown wood thing at the front of the house.  Han wasn't so sure at the time, so while he went away for business one week I just got out there and tore it down.

We then attacked the garden and got some huge trees chopped down, I have photos of that but really, they are pretty boring.  Not long after all of this we hit some snags in our personal life, so we decided to do some travel while waiting for those issues to iron out, meaning that renovations hit the back burner for a while!........

The next instalment coming up soon!

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