Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eleven months.

Oh dear, so this is the second last of the monthly photos.  I must admit today has been tinged with a bit of sadness, I am so excited to see what each new month brings with Otto's development and for all the gorgeous new adventures coming our way, but part of me is starting to mourn the little baby that came home with us eleven months ago.

He has also started to wean, so I have introduced some cows milk into his diet, and today marked the end of one of our feeds.  I couldn't believe the tears pouring down my cheeks, it really hit home that he doesn't need me in the same way anymore, I have decided though to try to celebrate his new found independence.
One thing is for sure, each breastfeed from now on will include alot of kisses to that gorgeous head while it is still long enough for me to do it.

Oh and did you all do your civic duty today?
Otto sure did, while I looked at the polling sheet for a good five minutes before casting my vote, this one was a really hard election and I am not excited to see either party run our country.

Another renovation update coming your way soon!

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  1. "I am not excited to see either party run our country."

    Seems like you weren't the only one. I read on ABC that this election had the highest proportion of informal votes ever.