Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Spring Fun!

Today was a lovely spring day in Queensland, and we decided to go out and enjoy it!

I used to love feeding the ducks when I was little, and while I know that Otto is still too young, I thought it was about time that we did it anyway.  Off to the botanic gardens we went and had a great time with our feathered friends.  Alas, no photos of actual duck feeding though, one of us fed the ducks with Otto and the other kept the big Ibis birds away.
One our our biggest issues of the day was getting Otto to stop eating the bread we bought!

Checking out the ducks!

I could watch the smile all day!

And of course, the cuddles aren't bad either.

We will be missing Han a lot this week as he heads away for work.

A lovely stranger came and took our picture, sadly we realised it was the first family one since mothers day.

Beautiful days like this make us so grateful for the life we have.

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  1. Saturday was gorgeous, wasn't it? Sorry that Han will be away for a while. I hope you've rallied some friends and family for help while he's gone?