Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh hi there!

I probably wouldn't blame you for thinking that I have fallen off the face of the earth but I am back, the renovations are done, the birthday party is complete and life is slowly getting back to normal.  Phew, what a busy two months that was.

So, I remember doing a reno post not so long ago, promising to then show you stage 2.  Ah well, sorry about that, but better late then never right?

Jan this year, after a lot of rain, our back wall was looking a bit precarious to say the least so we decided action must be taken.  The workers came weeks late and decided to try and fix it during one of the wettest few weeks of the year, but all in all they did a great job.

Here are the before pictures, I had seriously forgotten what it looked like!  At least in this picture the grass is green, most of the time it was just a big dust bowl full of weeds.

So along came the men, cigarettes hanging out their mouths and bum cracks proudly on display (such class!) and turned our backyard into this!

Then, the rain came, and didn't stop for a few days, so we ended up with a great big mud puddle out the back (I didn't get photos of that!), but once the rain stopped work started once again and progress was made really quickly.

This also happened to be about the time that I asked why the old pavers were still down, (you can see them at the far end of the photo) a lot of phoning, scratching of heads later we discovered they had forgotten about them.  The joy of home improvement huh.

The big machinery came and helped finish off the job and lo and behold, a week worth of distraction and noise and we have the most awesome backyard to play in!

 Awww look at the vintage pics of Otto, he would have only been about 3 months old here.

What a difference that made, coming up next will be the more recent work we have done. 

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