Thursday, September 30, 2010

Veggie patch.

Once the stitches were removed from my hand following the knife incident I got to work on our veggie patch and other various planting around the house.

I have wanted a veggie patch for such a long time, I really think it is important for Otto to know where his fruit and veg come from and it is so much healthier for us as well!  I don't  have a before picture of the area, but it was a disaster, a dirt patch, wet winter and a dog don't really mix, and I used to hate heading out there to hang out the washing.  Now, however it looks like this!

Unfortunately it isn't in the sunniest position for the house, but I am hoping it will work anyway.  Roxy, our dog, has helped me to continue to aerate it by digging for the fertiliser but all the plants are still going well.  I couldn't decide on what to plant, so I ended up going for a wide variety including, Pumpkin, snow peas and capsicum.  If anyone has any good tips on veggie gardens I would love to hear them.


  1. Good luck with it! It looks like you've done all the right things. I'm still trying to figure out how to do it ... my zucchini have literally stayed 10cm tall since July or so.

  2. We have had our first casualty, interestingly not due to the dog, but bush turkeys. Hopefully the rest of them make it through.

  3. Oh Brush Turkeys, those little stinkers, they were the bane of my existence several years ago when I was in St Lucia. I had been generously gifted parsley and rocket by someone who could see I needed a hand with my gardening aspirations, and the little monsters _climbed the stairs to where the pots were kept_ (the audacity!) and then ate the leaves from all of them.

    Get a cat, I say, or train the dog to have a taste for avian flesh.