Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Independent spirit.

For some reason I have so much to say on this subject but don't seem to be able to put it into words, so instead I will try and put it together with words and pictures.

We here in the developed world worry, I am absolutely at fault for this.  I worry that maybe Otto doesn't have enough stimulating toys, isn't getting enough to eat, doesn't have enough of anything that he should, but over the last few days as my mind has gone backwards through my life, it has dawned on me that worries such as these are the curse of a wealthy nation.

I have lived in South Africa and traveled throughout the area, I volunteered in squatter camps of people displaced by civil unrest and torture.  I have carried and fed their babies, helped them to paint and draw for the first time, seen joy on their faces as I gave them a banana,

 watched them make toys out of the simplest roadside items.
Children have followed Han and I when we went hiking and we loved their gorgeous shy smiles as they chatted about us in their own language.
These children, even when living in orphanages, without family of their own, still have the courage and love to give us a big wave and a gorgeous smile.

These children are lovely, smart, exuberant, resilient and cherished, they have all different personalities that are embraced by a culture of acceptance even through the toughest times.  Their parents also have worries, where the next meal will come from, if it rains tonight will the house survive, where will the next paycheck come from.

It kind of puts my worries and grievances in perspective.  Does Otto eat enough, have enough toys, enough love?  He has Han and I, a roof and three meals a day.  He is exhausting, independent, lives life fiercely and wholly, maybe instead of sometimes feeling exasperated by the small things, it is time for me to give thanks and realise that my life, no matter how hard it seems sometimes is a wonderful amazing gift.


  1. Beautiful post and pictures. I think you articulated your point very well and it does help to put a lot of my own concerns into perspective. x

  2. A beautiful post and a timely reminder to all of us - thankyou! x