Thursday, November 11, 2010

A new member of the family.

Yesterday was a shocking day.  One of those days that you just know from the moment you get up it just isn't going to go your way.

I think the 4:30am start may have been the soul of the issue.

My husband, a loving and caring man, but really a bit shit in the romance department outshone himself and delivered me the mother load of all surprises and gifts.

I know have a new to us, DSLR for the first time, a 400D Cannon, with a tripod and two lenses, a 28-80mm and a 75-300.  I have a lot of work to do getting to know this new friend, but so far the journey has been fun.  I have taken a few practice shots trying to work out the particulars and thought this one was a winner, sadly when I uploaded it a lot more was out of focus than I originally thought, but there is still just something about it.  I tell  you, this child of mine has some amazing eyes.

I have a feeling this new family member and I are going to get along really well.


  1. Well done Han!

    And I think the picture is lovely! x

  2. Thanks Abby, a long way to go still but I think the process might be a bit fun.