Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunshine after the rain.

Our weather has been absolutely mad lately, the poor farmers have gone from one of the worst droughts in decades to flooding.  Puts my concerns for not being able to get to the park with Otto in perspective.

However today we did see a little bit of sunshine late in the afternoon which made everything sparkle with raindrops, such a gorgeous way to finish a lovely weekend.

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This weekend has been full full full, but with lovely things to do.  Saturday was spent with me doing more work around the home (more on that later) while Han and Otto had some quality time.  We headed to the German Club for a 30th celebration which was uber fun!

Today we have been celebrating, birthdays, Christmas and just life.  A full and wonderful weekend, here's hoping we see more of the blue sky this coming week.

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  1. It certainly has been crazy weather! we had a beautiful day here today and it was so nice to drag things outside to play with for a change.
    Gorgeous photos! :)