Thursday, August 25, 2011

The beach. (Pelabuhan Ratu)

Ok, so the two big M's turned out to be Mosquito's in plague proportions, Otto and I looked like we had developed a severe case of chicken pox, especially on his legs, and Mosques.  Now, we thought our mosques in Jakarta had the monopoly on noise level, fireworks displays and general random events, (the mosque closest to us let out the first bars of 'Eye of the Tiger' at midday a few days ago).  But no, it got worse, adding to the buzzing in our ears and slapping of our body, these decided that 2:30am was a great time to get on the loudspeakers and shout "IBU" out to remind the women to get up and start cooking, then they all had a great old party that went for hours.

Needless to say we woke up exhausted I think at 3am Han woke up and threatened to drive home, except we didn't actually know which way that was.  Otto thankfully slept blissfully through all of this.  Our mood however didn't stay around long especially when you can have breakfast staring at the beautiful ocean.

I am not sure that I have ever had my weet-bix in such a beautiful location before.  

We decided to head off for the morning and explore the area a bit closer, I was told that the hot springs near us were unspoilt and lovely so after a few walks on the beach we headed off.

I always forget that pungent smell of rotting eggs that you get from hot springs, they were certainly unspoilt, we were pretty much the only tourists there, and the landscape surrounding it was gorgeous.

There were perfect rocks to try some skipping with, and even better if they ended up in the water with a big clunk and splash.

We thought about heading in for a splash, but after seeing some interesting antics further upstream from the locals we thought better of it and just enjoyed the serenity.

The ferocity of the steam was amazing, it actually sounded like a roar coming out of the rocks.

Not a bad way to get rid of the morning grumps, well that and a lot of coffee.

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