Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding style.

We are heading home tomorrow for a wedding, in the Hunter Valley, after living in constant summer for the last year.  For those not from Australia, the minimum temp is around 2-4C and the dance floor is outside!  

I have really been struggling with what to wear, and shopping in a country that is currently going through Ramadan which is basically code word for lets cover everything with sequins has not been easy.  Thankfully there is a mall the size of football fields squared on nearly every corner, they are exhausting, but one day armed with a big coffee I trudged through them in an attempt to find something.

Ten hours later I finally walked back into the real world with an outfit.  I am still at a loss for a bag and I can't find a photo for the shoes, but I am pretty happy with it so far.  If I haven't managed to gorge myself on wine I will try and take a decent photo of it.  But more likely I will have had too much wine, it is $50 a bottle here, enough said.


Dress, which I think might be a tiny bit too big on me.

Jacket so that I can hopefully ward off frostbite while living it up on the dance floor.

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