Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today in Instagram.

We had a lazy day at home today, a big week is coming up for us, lots of packing and organising ahead of our trip home on Friday.  

It was nice though to just be home, together, probably the last time for the next 6 weeks due to all the travel.

Doing lot of baking and cooking, filling the freezer with treats for Han once he is back in Jakarta and we are still in Brisbane.  Although now with my little helper I get to rescue the fire engine and harmonica out of whatever we are mixing at the same time.


Argh, and always the fun clean up after.

Otto's favourite things, he takes this collection everywhere.

Heading out for a little neighbourhood walk.

Coming back down our street, the guy on the left is delivering rice, people were getting ready to break their fast at 6pm.

Our guards keep lots of pets, the strange thing is that none of them seem to stay around long, last week this cage had the most beautiful bird, this week two lizards.

Heading home on top of shoulders, I loved this when I was a kid.

I finished this in one and a half days, seriously go out and buy it.

What child doesn't love living in summer all year round.

Otto spent pretty much all day naked thanks to a new skill of being able to remove his clothes and nappy.

Happy weekending!

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