Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The beach.

After a crazy 5 hour car trip pretty much crossing the island of Java we arrived in paradise.  Han was quickly scoped out by the sellers for being a sucker and before I knew it my two boys were heading down to the beach with a new boat for the little one.

Meanwhile instead of doing all the motherly things I assumed I was meant to do, I headed out too, but in the other direction and found this lovely sunset and boys tending their sheep in the rice paddy fields.

Best part was once they had to go home they actually walked along the beach with them, I don't think I have ever seen sheep herded (is that even a word?) on a beach so couldn't resist a photo.

We all re-grouped for some snacks and drinks before dinner.  I think Otto was easily the most impressed with the surrounds.  The waves were huge, much to big to swim in, and with each crash on the shore his eyes lit up a little more.

You can see the little bungalow at the back there.  Sadly we weren't to know what was coming to us in the form of the 2 big M's later that evening.

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